• IDbike service provides a bike registration service in the electronic bike database. The final product of the IDbike service is a bicycle registration card, which is available online via a static link on the Internet.

    The bicycle card displays the registration data of the bicycle, its photo and contact details of the owner. A photo of a document on the right to own a bicycle is not publicly displayed on the site, and is available only in the user`s personal account.

    When registering on the service’s website, you must enter the verification code, which is sent to the chatbot specified by the user E-mail or by phone Telegram. After successful registration, the user gets access to his personal account using the login generated automatically and the password set by the user.

    The service of checking the bicycle by the frame number in the service database is free.

    The service of registration a bicycle is free.

    The service of placing a bicycle card in the site section «Wanted» is free.

    The service of placing a bicycle card in the site section «Sale» is free.

    The user independently in his account on the IDbike service website assigns the status «Search» or «Sale» to the card of his bicycle.

  • By registering on the site, you agree that your personal data will be stored in the site database. Your specified name and contact information can be used to display in case of loss or theft of the bicycle as a contact person as the owner of the bicycle.

    You decide whether to show your personal data or not. Without your separate consent, the site displays only public contact details that you specify in your profile.

    Personal data such as Login, Name, Password, E-mail are stored in the site database in encrypted form, which eliminates the abuse of this data in the event of a site hack and database theft.

  • IDbike service is provided «as is». Administration of IDbike is not responsible for any intentional or accidental damage, moral or physical, caused by the use or non-use of information from this site. The user of this site agrees not to use any part of the IDbike service for any commercial purposes, except in cases where such permission has been given to the user. The IDbike administration does not bear any responsibility under any agreements between the user of this site and third parties. Administration of IDbike is not responsible for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or failure to preserve any user personal information. The IDbike website user acknowledges that the IDbike administration may change the rules and restrictions at any time, with or without prior notice. The IDbike administration does not accept any responsibility, including for the compliance of the service with the expectations or goals of the User. Administration of IDbike does not guarantee that the IDbike service will meet the requirements of the User, that the IDbike service will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors, that the results that can be obtained using the IDbike service will be accurate and reliable, that all errors in the programs will be fixed. The User may use any information received by the User using the IDbike service at his own risk. The User is liable for any damage that may be caused to the User`s computer and the User’s data as a result of downloading materials from the site. Administration of IDbike is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred due to the use or inability to use the IDbike service or unauthorized access to User communications.

  • Phone number - up to 12 digits without separating characters and without the sign «+» in front.

    Password - numbers and latin letters, minimum 8 characters, maximum 16.

    The frame number is a maximum of 16 characters without spaces.

    Special features - maximum 250 characters with spaces.

    Public contact details - maximum 100 characters with spaces.

    Photography - a maximum of 1280x1280 pixels and a maximum of 500 kB.

    Targeting a wanted bicycle - maximum 250 characters with spaces.

    Unique data - Login+E-mail and Brand+#Frame, duplicates are excluded.

  • The IDbike administration is ready to cooperate with the competent authorities in the framework of detecting illegal possession of a bicycle and preventing the sale of stolen bicycle.

    At the request of the competent authority, the IDbike administration can provide the following information from the site database:

    - information about the owner and his contact information;

    - date and time of registration in the database of the owner and his bicycles;

    - date and time of the last activity on the site;

    - the network address from which the last activity on the site was;

    - photo materials and characteristics of the bicycle provided by the owner;

    - declared by the owner of the distinguishing features of the bike and the circumstances of the theft of the bike.